Was Johnny Depp Subpoenaed For A Murder Trial? If You Believe Rumors, Yes

Is it just us, or do celebrities keep getting subpoenaed lately? First Selena Gomez in the case of Justin Bieber's altercation with a paparazzo (which Gomez was present for), and, now, Jack Sparrow himself. According to rumors, anyway. TMZ is reporting that Johnny Depp was subpoenaed for a murder case involving a woman who claims she had an affair with Depp at the time a grisly murder occurred in LA back in 2009.

Depp was reportedly served with papers to appear in court and testify while he was attending the Hollywood premiere for his new movie Transcendence on Thursday. Because nothing says “Congratulations on your new movie” better than “We want you to testify for this murder trial!”

Of course, Depp wasn’t involved in this case in any way (not that you were surprised): In 2009, the woman standing trial, Nancy Lekon, was driving a Cadillac limousine in downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row, where authorities said she purposely ran into a pedestrian and dragged her body for almost a mile, killing her.

Lekon, who has been charged with murder and will stand trial later this April, has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. Aside from generally being insane enough to run someone over, the woman claims she was in a relationship with Depp and was in LA to meet with him. So now, her public defender would like to prove she was insane and delusional that night by having Depp take the stand and saying he had no relations with this women, proving her insanity case.

Personally, I find it implausible that Depp will actually testify because this is most definitely just another crazy trying to take advantage a celebrity. Looks like she's on her own with this one.

Image: pandawhale