'Dolphin Tale 2' Brings You Another Tear-Jerking Tale About Rescue Of A Baby Dolphin

Whenever movies about animals are released, it’s difficult not to cry. I’m that girl who will sit in the back row sobbing while I stuff my face with Raisinets, so you can pretty much expect to hear me when Dolphin Tale 2 finally premieres. Yeah, you heard that right. Dolphin Tale, the story about a dolphin, Winter, that lost her tail but received a prosthetic with the help of her human friends, is returning with a sequel about the true story and rescue of baby dolphin, Hope.

And you will undoubtedly cry. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure someone has stolen your soul.

A teaser trailer for the upcoming movie has recently been released, revealing how Harry Connick Jr. will once again save a helpless animal, making us fall in love with him all over again. The film will also bring back Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Kris Kristofferson, Morgan Freeman and Austin Stowell, as well as what appears to be a surprise appearance by professional surfer and shark attack survivor, Bethany Hamilton.

Plus, this movie is once again being produced by those who worked on The Blind Side so you can pretty much expect it to be an emotional roller coaster as well as a major hit at the box office.

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In 2010, Hubbs Sea World Research Institute learned news of a baby dolphin (known as a calf) that had been found stranded in shallow water with her deceased mother. When she was rescued, Hope was approximately two to three months of age, weighing only 58 pounds and lacking milk and nutrition. Dolphin Tale 2 will share her story of survival as well of the story of those who helped care for her and assisted her through the rehabilitation process.

So just imagine how you felt after watching an adult dolphin being saved and now picture what it will be like to see a baby dolphin being saved. Make sure to bring a lot of tissues and someone to hold your hand, because I can pretty much guarantee you will need the emotional support. I already teared up watching a teaser trailer, so you expect the apocalypse when the movie actually comes out.

Image: Alcon Entertainment