All The MTV Movie Award Tech Fails, From Audio Incidents to "Forgotten Contacts"

The MTV Movie Awards are known as the bolder, younger awards, but this year, they're also filled with technical problems. From the rough start on the red carpet to the myriad of presenter problems, these awards now have more awkward pauses than the number of drunk stumbles at the Golden Globes.

It's possible that MTV's focus on the second "all-access" online stream has contributed to the flubs, since this year's "co-viewing" experience now boasts "17 camera angles" and many backstage moments. And some of the fault may lie on the presenter's shoulders, since no amount of gadgetry can replace Amanda Seyfried's contact lenses.

Since the tech problems seem to be never-ending, here are all the latest awkward moments from the Awards.

  • During the heavily-promoted "pre-show," the audio wasn't turned on. So instead of "welcome to the MTV Movie Awards," we all heard a long, awkward pause to start the night.
  • Amanda Seyfried "forgot her contacts" and flubbed her half of the Seth McFarlane-heavy comedy duo. They both had trouble recovering from her numerous teleprompter mistakes.
  • Chris Pratt walked onstage to present sans microphone, and ended up doing a 30-second mime standup routine. It was adorable, and he wins "best tech flub recovery" thus far.
  • When introducing the all-important Best Shirtless Performance, the camera cut away from presenters before they had a chance to finish presenting.