New Ray LaMontagne Song "Drive In Movies" Will Make You Feel Like It's Summer — LISTEN

The mark of a perfect good-weather tune is one that elicits the feelings of the sun's crispy warm rays deep down in your skin. And Ray LaMontagne's latest "Drive In Movies" does exactly that — which is insane, considering that essence is created with a couple instruments and a voice. Welcome to your new favorite pre-summer tune — now go grab a mint julep and sit back to reminisce.

Even if you've never had a summer that involves heading to the drive-in movies, smoking cigarettes in the setting sun next to muscle cars and local ne'erdowells, this tune will make you feel like you have. The Dan Auerbach-produced album, titled Supernova, is LaMontagne's fifth and just had its release date moved up to April 29, which was maybe due to anticipation? I mean, the first single is also a delight. This album will have music that feels all at once familiar and cozy but also new and invigorating. A lot of that is no doubt thanks to Auerbach's production, but sweet sassy molassy are those LaMontagne vocals ever the sweetest, eh?

Listening to him croon is like watching the sun set from a majestic, mountain-and-landscape-drenched Montana porch, dreaming about The Good Ole Days as if you actually lived them with a sort of reckless abandon typically reserved for the silver screen stars LaMontagne sings about. Because who hasn't "spent all my childhood years wishin’ that I looked like a movie star," right? You have — admit it!

Check out the latest track from the gravel-voiced wonderboy and just try not to fall into a daydream.