O.J. Simpson & Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' Plans Sound ... Interesting

Going from prison to anger management seems like a natural step, but leave it to O.J. Simpson to blur the lines. The football star/actor/acquitted double murderer/convicted thief is about to be released from jail, and his agent is angling for O.J. to guest star on Anger Management , Charlie Sheen's highly-rated FX series. The New York Post is reporting that Simpson's promoter pitched the idea to network execs and naturally, they loved it.

On the show, Sheen plays an ex minor-league baseball player-cum-therapist who runs an anger management group. Simpson would apparently play a "thinly veiled" version of himself, a role that should come as naturally to him as running through an airport for Hertz rental cars, or trying to put on a leather glove that just, doesn't, fit.

Simpson will likely pull from his real-life experiences to bring an unparalleled authenticity to the part. If his trials and tribulations have taught us anything, it's that there's nothing more unpredictable than an ex-athlete who feels like they've been treated unfairly by the judicial system, and that there's nothing more interesting than watching it all play out on TV.

Don't get too excited for the Juice's return to acting, though. His parole hearing is scheduled for July 25, but by all accounts, it's not looking as if he'll be set free — he still has to serve time for many other convictions before getting his walking papers.

FX isn't going to let that minor behind-bars-roadblock stop Sheen and Simpson from working together, are they? Who knows, maybe the episode can be filmed in O.J.'s cellblock — something tells us Charlie Sheen would be more than comfortable inside a prison facility.