Billy Eichner's Easter Bunny Skit Is the Stuff of Your Dreams/Nightmares — VIDEO

It takes quite a lot to actually scare or genuinely shock New Yorkers as they surgically weave through the streets in order to get to their next meeting/lunch/gallery opening/train/plane/et cetera. Leave it to Billy Eichner in an Easter Bunny suit shouting about the 10th anniversary of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ to do the impossible. You need to watch as dozens of city dwellers cower in fear and hurriedly scoot off to avoid the verbal tomfoolery of Billy on the Street. Eggs were smashed, Porky Pig made an appearance, and history was made.

Usually Eichner's shenanigans — like Christmas caroling with Amy Poehler, smashing cars with Lindsay Lohan, or asking people for a dollar if they'd have sex with Paul Rudd —are met with a moment of fear followed by actual enthusiasm. The Easter Bunny of the Christ finally tipped the scales into the realm of pure insanity, and the results are hilarious.

You can catch more of Billy Eichner on NBC's Parks and Recreation (where yes, of course, he does plenty of yelling) and spots on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo. No matter where Eichner shows up, he's always verbose and oddly, oddly charming.

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