Kristen Gets Prude-Shamed on 'Real Housewives of New York' By 'Beverly Hills' Cast

The key to a long-lasting marriage? Why, blowies, of course! You'd think with Yolanda and Brandi visiting Real Housewives of New York from Beverly Hills, there'd be loads of delicious drama on Tuesday night's episode, but there wasn't a lick. Instead, we were treated to a crazy little anecdote about Kristen's wildly promiscuous Elvis encounter at her bachelorette party. Which led to the revelation that Kristen and Josh's marriage may be a bit, well, dry. And apparently, Kristen thinks it's all her fault.

I'd like to call out the housewives here for a minute (*cough cough* Kristen, Yolanda, and Carole). If you don't give it up, someone else will?! Really. That is all the ammunition a person needs to justify their unfaithfulness. Perhaps, as a committed couple, you should evaluate your intimacy problems and address the issues that are clearly there if you're just not "in the mood." While just "giving it up" may be a quick and desperate fix, it's certainly not going to help you on your end when you're just not feeling it, Kristen.

Why are the ladies so eager to please? They're all strong-willed women who simultaneously take care of children, write books, run charities, and host endless (seriously, endless) amounts of barbecues. Why, oh why, do they feel the need to be submissive to their men? A relationship is a partnership. If one person is experiencing a rough patch, that should directly effect the other person. This shouldn't be about overcompensating, it should be about getting to the bottom of the issue. Most likely this intimacy problem has something to do with the both of them, not just poor "prudish" Kristen.

While I appreciate the humor in Carole's "blowie" comment and, yes, I understand that even those are important, the real problem here isn't even the sex itself (or lack thereof). It's that she's ashamed and being shamed for her lack of libido. While we're all feverishly on edge about slut-shaming, what about the other end of the spectrum? Prude shaming, if you will. Whether someone thinks you're giving it up too easily or not at all, it's still ridiculous that the opportunity for judgment is even on the table, especially among girlfriends.

It's 2014 ladies, let's remember that.

Image: Bravo; Tumblr; Giphy