That Mitt Romney-Harry Reid Tax Filing Kerfuffle Isn't Going Away — Romney's Son Is Still Tweeting Reid About It

Turns out that Josh Romney is an ace of the casual #callout. Josh, the middle brother and most political of the Romney clan, gave Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid something to cry about via Twitter on Tax Day. "Hey @Senator Reid," Romney's post began, as all good jokes do. "Here's a shot of @MittRomney paying taxes."

Josh, you slay us. Remember all the hullaboo over Mitt Romney's taxpaying during the run-up to the 2012 presidential election? Reid suggested Romney hadn't paid his taxes in ten years, a claim later debunked when the Romneys released several years of tax returns. At one point Mitt Romney said Reid needed to "put up or shut up," the only time Mitt Romney has ever used the phrase "shut up" in his life.

But wait — Josh, who is known for his piercing death-stare, wasn't done yet.

"Does it every year," he wrote. "It's how you get your paycheck."

"Buuuurn," replied the Internet.

Josh's joke is funny because as a federal employee, Reid gets paid by the government, and taxes pay for that sort of tomfoolery. And to be fair, Reid was kind of incessant about the whole tax thing, although the rumor itself was reportedly started by the father of one-time Republican hopeful Jon Huntsman (the senior Huntsman denies it).

The tax accusation hounded Mitt Romney until he released his returns, although perhaps not as much as that whole 47 percent thing.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

(Confession: Speaking of percentages, I am 98 percent sure that is a photo of Josh, but picking out a Romney son from the pack is about as easy as figuring out which newborn identical triplet baby is which.)

Alternatively you could say that Josh Romney is that kid at school who just won't let that whole tax filing thing die. Let it die, Josh!