Meeting Brad Pitt Could Only Cost $10 Thanks to This Groupon Offer

There's a difference between a deal-of-the-day and a deal-of-the-lifetime, as Groupon seems poised to teach everyone. The popular website put coupon clipping online for the digital age, making it just one more thing you don't have to leave your house to do, and their usual bargains include everything from discount meals to spa treatments. If you stuck around for those, there's now a Groupon for a meet and greet with Brad Pitt. And it will only cost you $10.

The limited time offer is less of a coupon and more of a contest. According to the Groupon website, the $10 you spend on that groupon is donated to Make It Right, Brad Pitt's charity organization that is devoted to building homes for people in need, and gains you one entry into the sweepstakes. One lucky winner will get a trip for two to the Make It Right gala in New Orleans, as well as two nights at the W New Orleans, round the trip (coach) airport transportation, and more. Those with real money to burn can drop $25,000 to get the same package with first-class airport transportation and hotel-suite accommodations.

If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Before you go spending half of this year's salary on a first-class trip to meet Ben Affleck in New Orleans, there's a pretty big catch at the bottom of the page: "Meet and greet with Brad Pitt contingent on the availability of all parties."

Considering there's a free trip to New Orleans with hotel accommodations and Brad Pitt on table, it doesn't seem like they think their winners are the ones who might be unavailable for it. But, okay, fair enough. Brad Pitt is a busy guy. He's working on a film about the Steubenville rapists. He spends a lot of time being gorgeous with Angelina Jolie. He's Brad Pitt. Wasting $10 to meet Brad Pitt and only getting to take in a Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon show instead is still a pretty sweet deal.

Dropping $25,000 on the Epic Deal and being told that Brad Pitt is unavailable, on the other hand, may cause rioting in the streets. To be fair, the Epic Deal is described under a different heading than the regular coupon, which might mean that the addendum doesn't apply. If it does, then Groupon should beware. The kind of people who can afford to spend $25,000 on a Brad Pitt meet and greet might also be the kind of people who would expect him to be tied to a pillar in The Sugar Mill for that kind of money.

Image: Tumblr