"Fly Edward Fly" Campaign Aims to Set Snowden Free

A heavily-accented, curly-haired neuroscientist from Oxford University is asking you, (yes, you!) for help. His name is Christian Honey, and he believes so strongly in Edward Snowden's cause that he's started an IndieGoGo campaign to "thank him for the service he has done to transparency and democracy."

Honey wants to raise $200,000 from his fellow devoted Snowden fans in order to fly Snowden out of the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport and into Venezuela's open arms. If that seems like a lot of money, Honey points out the Snowden will have no choice but to use a private jet in order to navigate around the various no-fly zones that have promised to block him.

Any leftover money would apparently be used for Snowden's future asylum applications and the inevitable legal costs he will incur in his defense. Honey promises to set up a bank account with the same accountants who arranged the Wikileaks Julian Assange's support fund.

With just 8 days left in the campaign, Honey has only raised $2,513 out of the $200,000 goal.

Here's his video appeal: