'Scandal's Cyrus Wasn't Supposed to Be Gay but Then Shonda Rhimes Saw the Light — VIDEO

There is constantly a hell of a lot happening in ABC's Scandal. With the Scandal Season 3 finale airing Thursday, that "a lot" is likely about to become "a whole lot more." So let's revel in this calm before the storm — preferably with more Scandal. Let's start with this preview for Scandal 's episode of The Writers' Room . Because it's guaranteed to be informative.

The Writers' Room — which airs on Sundance and is hosted by Community actor and Descendants Oscar-winner Jim Rash — features stories from many a writers' room and past episodes have showcased those from shows like Parks and Recreation and Breaking Bad. And there's always a lot to learn, as is evidenced in two sneak-peak clips from Scandal's episode.

The first? Shonda Rhimes did not originally write Republican Chief Of Staff Cyrus Beene as gay: As she says in the clip, sometimes an actor's performance changes her perception of the characters she wrote, and she just goes with the flow. She went with the flow pretty quickly in this case, because Dan Bucatinsky made his first appearance as James Novak (aka Cyrus's husband) in the show's fourth episode.

Considering all the shiz that goes down on Scandal on a weekly basis, this episode of The Writers' Room might just be a must-watch.

Image: Sundance