NBC's 'Dracula' Suggests the End of the Vampire Era

It's taken about 15 years, but vampires have finally come full circle. The trailer for NBC's first attempt at jumping on the vampire bandwagon — a period drama starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula — suggests that the network has arrived at the sexy vampire party just in time to see it end.

Based on the remarkable lack of dialogue included in this trailer (or music video? we're still unclear on this one), it seems safe to assume that the show will be largely reliant upon the attractiveness level of Meyers (which is high, don't get us wrong), and a myriad of sensationalist, gore-fueled action/sex sequences.

To be fair, the last decade of hugely successful modern vampire dramas has been focused on sex and gore, so we can see how NBC would think this was the way to go. But once you've made it through girl-power vampire slayers, southern inter-species romances as social commentary, and high school love stories featuring sparkly vamps, a return to the original blood-thirsty casanova would need to be seriously innovative in order to be anything but embarrassing.

Stick to your mediocre sitcoms and insulting reality shows, NBC.