Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant, And Bill And Hillary's Excited Tweets Are The Best

Big news for one of America's most powerful political families came Thursday, as Chelsea Clinton announced she's pregnant. Chelsea, 34, is the only child to Bill and Hillary, and her baby with husband Marc Mezvinsky will be her first. She made the announcement unexpectedly, at a women's forum event, No Ceilings, which she was hosting with her mother.

The event was notable in more than one way for her, since Chelsea also suggested — in the most hedging and vague way — that she could see herself one day reconsidering her once-firm decision against running for office. But the news of the day was what came at the tail-end of the event, when Clinton interrupted the wrapping-up with the news of her pregnancy: "I just hope that I will be as good a mom to my child and hopefully children as my mom was to me."

Chelsea's husband was there, too, watching from the back of the room. It also almost certainly came as a delightful and welcome surprise to everybody there, learning both that Chelsea might run someday and that she's expecting.

Who knows? In ten years, we could have Chelsea at the Capitol, and the media speculating whether her child, like her, will continue the Clinton political dynasty.

On the topic of dynasty, isn't this just perfect timing if Hillary decides to run? Everyone loves seeing a beautiful, beaming little baby in the family, even in politics (hello, Prince George!).

Of course, now we all have to wait for the next bit of news: boy or girl?