Can 'Parks and Rec's Ben and Leslie Keep Their [Spoiler] Secret When Andy Knows It? — VIDEO

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt — as well as the hordes of people in the audience invested in them — got some very big news last week. So far, the only person outside of the couple (and all of us) who knows of the news is one Andy Dwyer, lovable goofball and the show's Joey Tribiani. But can Andy keep the secret of Ben and Leslie's impending baby? And, for that matter, how long are they planning on keeping this thing a secret?

With pregnancies it'd make sense that Ben and Leslie would want to keep the news under wraps until they could go get Leslie and her burgeoning baby bump all checked out. But they also live in a sitcom world, which likely means two things: That baby's gonna be perfectly healthy, and that secret's gonna be out before the half-hour's up.

No, the news of little Eleanor Ann Wyatt-Knope — c'mon, you know Leslie Knope's gotta raise a badass baby girl, and she's gonna be named after a prominent female figure, and Ann — is gonna spread around that parks department fast. The question is not so much when as how, although the answer to that is likely Andy. Although we wouldn't be surprised if Donna's already figured it out. Girl's sly.

Image: NBC