The Only Thing More Embarrassing Than The Song "I Won" Is Future's Music Video For It — VIDEO

It barely feels like spring, but it looks like we're already in the season for lame beach-themed music videos — at least, that's what this new horrible music video is telling me. Rapper Future just released his new music video for "I Won," featuring Kanye West, and I honestly can't believe that it is not a joke.

It's not like "I Won" is a particularly good song — it's not. Let's start with the fact that "I Won" was originally titled "Trophy Wife" and essentially compares a woman to a trophy that the dude has just won. So that's sort of problematic. There's also a few lines about how Future is really happy that his trophy wife's "ass is getting fatter," which in context makes very little sense. And that's not to mention Kanye West's own verse, which talks about him "putting an angel" in Kim Kardashian's "ultra sound" (aww?!) and basically calling all of her sisters hot with this line: "You could look and Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe... All your momma ever made was trophies." (That's sweet and all until you remember that Kylie is only 16. But I guess he wanted her to feel included.)

Now onto the video. Shot entirely in black and white, it features Future and Kanye on the beach, wearing casual breezy outfits. It's super awkward because 1) It appears that they are standing right across from one another, yet they are never in the same shot, and 2) Who stands on a beach and awkwardly raps at the ocean?

I could easily call out Future's new video for "I Won" for its blatant objectification of women — intercut between scenes of Future and Kanye chilling in black and white on a beach are scenes of random women writhing in tiny bathing suits in the sand — but the video is so bad that it's almost not worth doing. If I was going to call Future out on objectifying the music video models, it would absolutely be for including scenes that literally ONLY SHOW the model's butt bobbing in-and-out of the water.

Future, man, you really missed the mark on this one. Check out the video below:

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