This 'Louie' Season 4 Clip Is Way Better Than That Disconcerting Trailer — VIDEO

So, here's your first look at the new season. Check out the teaser from Season 4 of Louie , which will come back into its full, darkly hilarious swing on May 5. Louie C.K.'s popular, cult-like hit that chronicles his misadventures while depicting the world as a relatively bleak place to inhabit is comin' back, and we can't wait.

We already saw the trailer, in which Louie took a jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge, and it was disconcerting with its suicidal imagery. But fortunately, we've now got a little clip from the new season that takes on the series' signature tone.

The clip from the show features the titular comedian at the doctor's office, where he's awaiting a diagnosis for his back. The doctor seems to not really give a shit as he's eating a sandwich. Don't you love it when doctors are just like, hey, what you have to say is dumb, so I'm just gonna enjoy my sandwich? Anyway, it's short but sweet little gem; the perfect 20 second anecdote to your day if it was totally sucking.

Anyway, you can watch the clip below, and let it serve as a reminder that Season 4 is well on its way.