Belle & Sebastian's Cover Of "Don't Stop Believin'" Is A Tearjerker — VIDEO

Hey, here's a good deed for the kids! You can watch Belle & Sebastian cover Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" at a children's hospital. The performance is heartfelt, and the offbeat musicians clearly bring a smile to these kid's faces. No room for snark, here — this is a genuine delight to watch.

The Scottish duo teamed up with Songs For Kids Foundation, an organization that brings music to children who are ill. It's a pretty great notion, as music truly can heal one's spirits. Belle & Sebastian took their musical abilities over to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to put their spin on Journey's popular song, and to bring a smile to these kids' faces. It's a cute, sweet, and heartfelt thing to watch — be warned: You may cry.

So, for all of you folks who had "Don't Stop Believin'" fatigue and were suffering from Journey exhaustion (and we're looking at you, Glee), don't be so quick to turn away this video. This rendition will make you pause your fatigue for at least a couple of minutes, and then you can go back to being like, "Please oh please no more Journey covers." This one is worth it. Remember what I told you before? No room for snark here? And I'll reiterate: This one's a tearjerker.

You can check out the cover of the tune below:

songsforkidscharity on YouTube

Image: Youtube