How Do Straight People React When Gay People Try to Pick Them Up? This Video Will Show You

How does it go when people try to pick up members of their same sex? Not when they're in a setting where it's expected, like a gay bar, but when the pick up happens just out on the street? Thanks to two videos from the pranks and social experiment YouTube channel "whatever," we can all find out. In the first video, a young women tries approaching other ladies in public places and attempting to get their number. In the second, a young man does the same with other men.

The responses from the unwitting participants range from confused to embarrassed to awkward. Which is understandable, since this sort of behavior is definitely not the norm. Although same-sex relationships are increasingly becoming more accepted — it's telling, for instance that most (though not all) of the people approached in the video were polite or tried to be supportive even when saying no — gay and lesbian culture still remains more private than public. Just the fact that we refer to gay and lesbian culture as a distinct culture, as opposed to considering same-sex relationships a part of mainstream culture, speaks to that.

So how do people react when asked out by a stranger of the same sex? Watch the videos and find out.

whatever on YouTube
whatever on YouTube

Image: Youtube