On 'Orphan Black's Season 2 Premiere, Alison Is Just Trying To Get Her Life Back To Normal

As much as she tries, Orphan Black's Alison learns in Season 2 that she will never have a normal life again. When the Season 2 premiere picked back up with Alison, she was desperately trying to fix all of the insanity she caused by torturing her husband, abusing pills and alcohol and sort of killing her best frenemy, Aynsley. She's back to her old activities like rehearsing a rather terrible musical with lines like "we will wipe wipe wipe away the plasma" and "since I can't contain my asthma."

But of course, it doesn't take long for her to be pulled back in to the madness, even as she denies and rejects involvement as much as she can. Felix asks Alison to help him procure a gun and apparently her gun dealer is a sketchy young man who works at a supermarket and clearly has the hots for Alison.

She receives the weapon and gives it to Sarah and she is sympathetic to Sarah's plight, but asks to be completely out of the loop. Too bad Sarah has other plans and lets Alison almost get kidnapped by the DYAD hitmen. As she struggles to get out of their grips with the use of pepper spray and lots of wriggling, Alison still gets thrown into an unmarked black SUV, a.k.a. the car universally used by fictional villains and spies. Ultimately, the men realize they've made a mistake, that Alison is not Sarah and she is freed and told to go along her merry way. She was definitely left out of Sarah's plans just as she asked, but she won't be happy about that.

Image: BBC America