Jason Derulo Feels Pressure to Marry Jordin Sparks & It's His Own Fault

Jason Derulo is starting to seem like a musical master of mixed messages. Derulo's latest album, Talk Dirty, played like a love letter to Jordin Sparks (and booty and Jordin Sparks' booty). It even featured a very telling love song called "Marry Me", which worked better as a proposal than any actual ring ever could. In fact, why he put it on the album instead of singing it to her as he passed her a ring was a mystery for the ages. He solved that mystery during an interview with MTV in which Derulo admitted that he feels pressured to marry Sparks.

"I wrote the song because of the pressure and then I made the pressure worse because people just listen to the chorus and all they hear is 'Will you marry me?' so they're like 'Oh you're proposing' I'm like 'No.'" said Derulo in the interview. "In the song I'm saying when the time is right, I'm saying we have the rest of our lives. So the perfect time is on its way."

Let me get this straight. Jason Derulo wrote a song called "Marry Me" because he felt pressured to marry Jordin Sparks, then made the catchiest part of the song 'will you marry me' and is confused about why the pressure is worse? His confusion is confusing. According to the interview, Derulo intended for Sparks to be the only one to hear the song, but she encouraged him to put it on the album.

They've both repeatedly spoken of being perfectly willing to wait before rushing to the altar, so why did Derulo feel the need to record the song for Sparks? What message was he trying to give to her? "I know we both have the exact same stance on me asking you to marry me, but here's a track to let you know that if and when I ask you, I will definitely mean it"? The entire song is an homage to their relationship, of how he can see a future with her and is working on getting himself to the place he wants to be when they finally get married, so if it was originally only meant for Sparks then what was the point?

Derulo is right when he says that the message of the song went over a lot of people's heads. It's more of a pre-proposal than an actual proposal. However, he's also right when he says that he's the one who made the pressure worse for himself. The song will probably end up being played at many wedding receptions over the course of 2014 because it's a song about forever love and marriage, written by a man whose relationship is basically five seconds away from an engagement as far as everyone is concerned. A little wedding pressure was to be expected.