Ellen DeGeneres' New Reality Show About Furniture Is the Most Hipster Thing We've Heard in a While

The reality show trend makes a lot of sense. It's always been said that truth is stranger than fiction and there's no better way of proving that than finding the strangest truth you can and setting a camera up in front of it. Of course, slice-of-life shows can get boring after a while, hence the need for reality show competitions to give the genre a hook. Who doesn't enjoy watching new seasons of the Bachelorette to see if the titular heroine will find love? Or keeping on top of the latest The Voice recap? Or watching a bunch of people design furniture for Ellen DeGeneres? Yes, Ellen DeGeneres is launching a furniture design competition show for HGTV and this is definitely a case of truth being stranger than fiction.

Is there really that big of a market of people who love interior design? It doesn't come up much in the news unless Kate Middleton is deciding to furnish Amner Hall herself, but the whole point of hipster things is that they stop being hipster once they hit the mainstream. Then again, we have reality shows like Toddlers & Tiaras, which is still on despite the understandable outrage about toddlers being dolled up and paraded around like show ponies and has even launched spin-off shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Cheer Perfection. At this point, it's a safe bet that Americans will sit down and watch anything if you make it sound exciting enough and what's more exciting than Ellen DeGeneres doing anything ever? She might lose her hipster cred as soon as she got it over this, but I doubt she's upset about that.

There have been reality show competitions for everything from fashion design to finding the next Glee star, so, really, furniture design is just the next step in an ever-developing television genre. In fact, it could be the start of a wider variety of shows that won't result in people arguing whether American Idol, The Voice, or The X Factor is putting the best spin on the exact same theme. Ellen's Design Challenge will prove that anything can get the green light if it has a good host.

I Want Zac's Six Pack

Imagine, if you will, a show in the vein of weight loss competitions, hosted by Zac Efron. Except, instead of featuring obsese people trying to slim down like The Biggest Loser, it would feature men of a range of body types all working with Efron to make their bodies as packed and tight with bulging muscles as Efron's is. Chris Evans could even be a guest judge.

Posh Design Challenge

There have been plenty of fashion design shows focusing on clothes, but how many focus on shoes? Someone has got to be out there making them. Hosted by Victoria Beckham, who quite possibly has the best shoe collection in the world, designers can compete for fabulous prizes including the honor of having their shoes be worn by her to her next big event.

Garage Bands

Instead of focusing on singers and performers competing against each other for a prize, the next big thing could be to make producers and managers compete against each other to find unsigned bands and artists and make them bigger than One Direction. It could be hosted by Pharrell, if only so we could tune in every week to see what fabulous hat he was wearing.

Then again, all of those sound more mainstream than a show about furniture design. Oh, well. We'll all still end up tuning in for the Ellen DeGeneres and staying for the hand-carved mahogany and the ability to say we knew about this show before it was cool.

Image: Tumblr