5 Makeup Mistakes You Can Easily Fix to Look More Awake

This post originally appeared on Lifestyle Mirror.

After hitting the snooze button one too many times, we don't always wake up bright and chipper for the day ahead. Even worse — the way we apply our makeup can exaggerate the effects of a late night. While light shimmer applied on the eye is a well-known antidote for disguising tired eyes, something as simple as applying concealer too shades too light can have the opposite effect. The entire idea behind makeup is to enhance the face's features, not highlight problem areas. And tired eyes are our biggest no-nos.

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Mistake: Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner can be harsh on bloodshot eyes.

Fix: Different Colors

Try a different color. You’ll be shocked at what a difference it can make!

Mistake: Wrong Concealer

Choosing an off-color can make dark circles appear worse.

Fix: Go Peachy

Peach undertones help balance out the blue of dark underyes.

Mistake: Overdosing on Powder

Dry skin looks instantly older.

Fix: Translucent Powder

One swipe is all you need.

Mistake: Staying Monotone

All-natural hues lack interest.

Fix: Focus on a Feature

Adding color and/or highlighter helps add definition.

Mistake: Skipping Primer

Don’t let smudged eyeliner reveal your night out!

Fix: Primer Prep

Both eye and face primers are worth the extra step.