Kim Kardashian Buys Up All Her 'Vogue' Covers Because She Needs Them for 7 Specific Reasons

Oh, Kim Kardashian. We've watched you do a lot of bizarre, inexplicable things. We were there when you posted a slow motion video of yourself in a bikini to your Instagram. We were there when you tried to take a selfie in front of an elephant and ran off in fear. We were there. Thus, we're pretty sure that you knew that if you headed down to the newsstand, we would be there, too. In fact, when Kim Kardashian bought as many copies of her Vogue cover as she and Kendall Jenner could carry, she so expected us to be there that she even brought her own camera crew along.

Paparazzi photographers and the camera crew alike bore witness to Kim K and Kendall Jenner carrying at least five copies of Vogue each. While we wait for the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to premiere and tell us exactly why Kardashian decided to buy armfuls of her Vogue cover like she expected them to go out of print, there are a few guesses that we can make.

1. She's going to hand them out as gifts at her wedding.

Kardashian is getting married again. She and Kanye West may have had their plans for a French wedding snagged by a silly little thing like French marriage law, but we all know they're going to find a way around that. And when the big ceremony finally does happen, they're going to need to hand out some memorable gifts to all of their wedding guests. What's more a more memorable commemoration of their endless love than the Vogue cover they had to fight to get?

2. She's going to leave them around the house as reading material.

Between her sense of fashion and her skill with a mascara brush, Kardashian takes a long time to get ready. When she has guests over who are waiting for her to come down the stairs so they can go out, they're going to need something on the coffee table to read. What will build more anticipation for her presence than her Vogue issue? She can even leave a few copies in the bathroom for those people who get bored in there. (Don't lie. We all do.)

3. She's trying to outsell Beyoncé.

When Beyoncé rocked the cover of Vogue, she sold approximately 355,000 issues. Kardashian's cover is already predicted to surpass that amount by selling somewhere between 300,000 issues and 400,000 issues, but what better way to ensure that it happens than by buying half those copies yourself? Beyoncé recently allegedly slighted Kardashian during a meeting, so she's got a reason to be holding a small grudge.

4. She's going to bury a time capsule in every country.

The photos that Kardashian shared during her trip to Thailand were thoughtful and reflective (when they weren't busy being bikini selfies, of course). She seems to be in a good place in her life and in a good place in her soul, which is something she might want to remember in ten years. If the Kardashians are going to bury a time capsule, they'd do it in as big a way as possible. Like by burying one in as many countries as they've ever visited, which is going to require a lot of magazine copies to go in all those capsules.

5. She bought a new book shelf.

Some people fill their book shelves with the classics, like Austen and Brontë and Dickens. Some people fill their book shelves with comic books. Some people don't even bother with books and fill their book shelves with their toy collections. Would Kim Kardashian fill an entire book shelf with copies of her Vogue issue? We're thinking that's a definite yes.

6. She keeps running out of copies.

There are loads of reasons for why a magazine might be hard to keep track of in the Kardashian house. They're on the covers of them so often that it can be hard to keep track. Maybe someone used one Vogue to swat a fly. Maybe someone rested their tea on one Vogue, ruining the picture. Sometimes, it's just better to buy them in bulk to keep at least one in mint condition.

7. She's making a collage.

Vogue might be just one of the many magazine covers of herself and her family that Kardashian is planning to combine into a giant collage. Maybe it isn't even for her. Maybe she's planning to put it up in North West's nursery so her little girl will always remember how popular her mother was.