George Clooney Name-Dropped The President — Is He The New Jonah Hill?

C'mon, George, you're so much better than this. Apparently George Clooney has friends in high places — like, the White House, for instance — and he's not going to let you talk shit about them in front of him. The Monuments Men star opened up about his recent argument with Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn, during which Clooney name-dropped President Barack Obama and called Wynn an "asshole". Is Clooney taking notes out of Jonah Hill's book now? Ugh.

Clooney was in Las Vegas to promote his tequila, Casamigos, at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention when the alleged altercation occurred during a dinner at the in a restaurant at Wynn's Encore hotel. According to Wynn's statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Clooney got a little too wasted on tequila shots and "dropped an F-bomb" before storming out of his dinner with the hotel mogul. The Oscar-winner's story doesn't go quite the same way — Wynn allegedly called President Obama an "asshole" and that really rubbed Clooney the wrong way. The actor said of the altercation:

Your "longtime friend," George? Really? Excuse us for finding it a little bizarre that you're name-dropping the leader of the free world at a Las Vegas dinner. Sure, you may have been a little drunk — we've all been there — but do you really want to usurp Jonah Hill and become Hollywood's new resident name-dropper? What's next — you're going to defend Monuments Men being a kind-of flop with "Whatever, man. Barack Obama thinks I'm awesome," like Jonah Hill in his June 2013 interview?

Wynn admitted to agitating the actor with some well-placed comments about the Affordable Care Act and we get it, you don't want to hear anyone bad-mouth your BFF. But we'd think that a seasoned Hollywood professional like George Clooney would know better than to fall down the slippery slope that's consumed Hill and more or less labelled him as the biggest jerk in the business.

It's pretty sick that you're BFF's with the president though — nice job, bro.

Image: Pandawhale