This Supercut Has All Of The F-Words In 'The Wolf Of Wall Street,' But It's SFW! — VIDEO

What the f? I mean, literally: here's a supercut of The Wolf of Wall Stree t with just the f-words. Yep, that's right! But here's the fun part: it's all of the f-words in the film except for the actual f-bomb. Interestingly enough, the film actually says the actual f-word a grand total of 506 times, making it have the very esteemed title of the Film With The Most F-Bombs Ever. It's pretty funny to see this almost hilariously SFW cut of the film's moments, and it's fun play on the idea of what an "f word" actually is. Like, fun. Free. French fries! (Ooh, that's my favorite f-word.)

The Honest Trailer of the movie, however, did the opposite, as it depicted the film for what it truly is: not family friendly at all. Interestingly enough, the folks who are behind the Honest Trailer series (Screen Junkies) are at the helm of this supercut of the movie. Love those guys!

What's so great about this video is knowing just how not PG the actual movie is — it makes it that much more delightful.

So, maybe Leo still doesn't have an Oscar on his mantelpiece, but maybe — just maybe — he can accrue enough supercuts of all of the movies that he's been in that it will feel like winning an Oscar? Okay, that's not even remotely close that notion, but hey — we're saying that we love these supercuts.

Check out the video below:

Image: Red Granite Pictures