In Other News: July 23, 2013

'In Other News' is Bustle's daily roundup of the stories, videos, and other media you might have missed.

Once-disgraced Eliot Spitzer released his latest ad in the race for New York City comptroller, pleading with (women) voters to forgive him...

... Meanwhile, New York Magazine featured a first-person narrative from a former sex worker and fired teacher who's asking for the same kind of second chance Spitzer seems to be getting away with.

Following Anthony Weiner's inconceivable confession today, Nate Silver made a good point about Weiner's way-too-good-for-him wife, Huma Abedin:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said immigration reform is a bad idea because "for everyone who's a valedictorian, there's another 100... hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert." This is after he compared immigrants to dogs.

The FDA has officially ruled menthol cigarettes more harmfully addictive than non-menthols, and is considering restricting sales of mentholated products.

Turns out Bill Clinton and Robin Thicke are a mashup made in heaven:

App Store favorite Flipboard released its first ever web version, allowing users to flip through user-curated magazines on their computers. (Presumably not with their fingers.) is a new social network designed exclusively for happy people and all their happy thoughts. Does that mean they'll finally stop posting their inspirational quotes and 12-mile runs on our newsfeeds?

In today's edition of "Stuff White People Like," Starbucks is creating its own line of Greek Yogurt.

And finally, is there anything Beyoncé can't do? Here's a hilarious (and impressive) video of the Queen B fighting off a fan (no, the other kind of fan) without missing a note: