Madonna Uses Gay as a Pejorative, Is Ready To Join Justin Bieber In Terrible Pop Star Pantheon

Sometimes I wonder if there's something in the water over at Pop Star Headquarters — something that the Beyonces of the world are immune to but that turns certain humans exposed to it into petulant goblins prone to spewing terrible things from their mouths. Justin Bieber has certainly been afflicted with this poisoning and you'd think that with her years of exposure Madonna would be immune by now, too, but alas: Madonna used "gay" as an insult in public recently, so she's definitely been contaminated.

The "incident" occurred over at Buzzfeed, where Madonna camped out for a while doing things like playing word association games. One word she was tasked with associating was "kale," and her response was "gay," and suddenly the Internet was mad at Madonna again.

Now, she could have meant "gay" in the old-fashioned sense, meaning "delightful," or "lighthearted and carefree." Or she could be very confused about the romantic and/or sexual capabilities of kale and have actually thought kale is homosexual — if that's the case I, for one, would really like to hear more background on that.

But this is hardly Madonna's first infraction of late — in fact, from the grill she keeps trying to rock to her referring to her white son as a "nigga," some days it feels like Madonna's trying really hard to be labelled the Cersei to Bieber's Joffrey in the ever-growing Game Of Thrones/pop music simile.

And frankly, it's just uncomfortable for everyone.