'LOST' Could Get a Reboot, & These 6 Shows Should Too

In the wake of the news that a Lost reboot is possibly in the cards, I am not sure whether I should feel excited, or really, really old. Lost premiered in 2004! That was so recent! I mean... I remember it so vividly... even though it's 2014 now, so that was 10 years ago... but that would mean...

One second, I'm off to have my quarter life crisis.

Aaaand I'm back. Having now thought about it a little more and screamed into a pillow, a 10 year old show still seems a bit young for a reboot. After all, Lost only ended in 2010- at this point, Malcolm David Kelley (aka Walt Lloyd) is the only actor who's aged out of his role! But with a new Heroes in the works as well, I can't help but wonder: is this the new norm? Are near-immediate reboots not just for increasingly dark and terrible franchises anymore, but for beloved (and okay, maybe sometimes terrible) TV shows as well?

If that's the case, then here are some predictions of 7 other recent TV shows we can look forward to- or dread- seeing again in the near future.

Friends (2015)


Starring: Colbie Smulders as Rachel, Josh Radnor as Ross, Neil Patrick Harris as Chandler, Alyson Hannigan as Phoebe, Jason Segel as Joey, Cristin Milioti as Monica.

What's different about it: Re-located to San Francisco. Everyone works in tech and is in their forties.

The response: Every reviewer points out that it's just How I Met Your Mother, but worse.

Breaking Bad (2016)


Starring: Aaron Paul as Walter White, Demi Lovato as Jessica "Jessie" Pinkman, Leah Remini as Skyler, Michael Chiklis as Hank, Jane Lynch as Sally Goodman

What's different about it: The new Breaking Bad takes place in New York, not New Mexico, and deals with coke dealers instead of meth. All of the business is done on the deep web. Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman are now women.

The response: While Aaron Paul isn't nearly as good as being Walt as he was at being Jesse, he's still quite good. He wins exactly one Emmy. Jane Lynch is regarded as the only truly brilliant casting choice. Leah Remini is godawful as Skyler. The show's cancelled after three under-watched seasons.

30 Rock (2017)


Starring: Mindy Kaling as Liz Lemon, Stephen Baldwin as Jack Donaghy, Katherine Heigl as Jenna Marone, Ken Jeong as Tracy Jordan

What's different about it: Very little. Jack MacBrayer is even back as Kenneth!

The response: Though universally panned, it gets fairly consistent, decent viewership, largely on the strength of Mindy Kaling's fan base. After Katherine Heigl walks off the show after the first season, the remaining filmed episodes are burned off over the sumer.

The X-Files (2018)


Starring: Emma Watson as Fox Mulder, Zachary Quinto as Dana Mulder

What's different about it: That's right, they're gender swapped!

The response: Very positive. Honestly, this would straight up just be an excellent idea and it should happen.

New Girl (2019)


Starring: Same as current New Girl cast.

What's different about it: Everyone is a little older, Nick and Jess are never will-they-won't-they, they start halfway through the first season and end before the middle of the third.

The response: Excellent. They do everything New Girl should have done in the first place. All is right with the world.

Images: NBC; giphy.com [5]