What If TV Titles Were Literally What the Show's About? '30 Rock', 'House' & More Get Literal

Once again something oddly entertaining springs from the depths of Reddit. This time it's a new spin on some old shows, mixing a relatively old school take (AKA the...literal one) on the word literally with the world of television. Because as usual the Internet's there to ask the tough questions we might not ask ourselves in our daily lives. This time? Reddit asked the age-old question of "if the the titles of TV shows were literally what the show was about, what show would be the least/most interesting?" As you can tell, we live in a highly philosophical time.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Cougar Town: "The show where a bunch of cougars are unleashed on an unsuspecting town and death by mauling from a giant cat ensues."
  • Queer Eye For the Straight Guy: "They show you how a heterosexual person receives an eye transplant from a homosexual person."
  • The Wire: "A panning shot of a length of wire. Maybe a cross-section if you wanted to spice it up."
  • 30 Rock: "Either a bunch of stones or Dwayne Johnson cloned 29 times."
  • House: "Just, like, a single frame shot of a house for an hour." (although technically the full show title is House, Md., so it'd have to be a very educated house.)

Meanwhile, Mad Men would be pretty much the same.

You can read more of the discussion over on Reddit; there's also a rather long, in-depth script being worked out over there for a literal interpretation of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Sneak peak:

Actor 1: Wow its hot out here

Actor 2: Yea it's always sunny.

End Scene

Images: TBS, Reddit