Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Wants To Selfie Battle James Franco & He’s Very Confident — PHOTOS

It's time for AJ McLean news, y'all! (God, I hope I someday need that phrase again.) Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean has challenged James Franco to a bedtime selfie battle. It's on! Shit is about to GO DOWN! Someone is gonna get schooled in... bedtime selfies? Wait.. What's supposed to happen here?

It's really unclear, actually, even with McLean's explanation. The Backstreet Boy wrote on Instagram,

Along with this, he posted a photo of himself laying in bed along with a photo of Franco doing the same. They have similar facial hair, but I don't think that's part of it. This is confusing. Did the challenge already begin and these are the pictures we are judging or are we simply using these photos to decide whether the challenge should start at all? Several of McLeans followers commented saying that they think it's a great idea, but one fan, hairdresser6683, put it best when they said, "Do it! You win!!! Haha." So the challenge has both just started and already ended? Yeah... that sounds right.

If this does end up becoming a challenge beyond this one Instagram post, what would that even mean? Well, for one we'd get more of this:

And more of this:

And do we really need any more of either of those?

Would McLean post a new photo of himself mirroring a Franco photo every day for a week until fans decided? Would there be a website where we could vote? Would it become a reality show on MTV?

I say we just end it right now with the photo McLean posted. McLean wins!!! He started the competition, brought some AJ McLean news into our lives, and was the first person (hopefully) to ever say the phrase "to battle Franco and his bed time and underwear selfies." Well done, sir.

Images: AJ McLean/Instagram; James Franco/Instagram