Here's One Way To Light Up Your Night

If you still haven't quite moved past your childhood fear of the dark, lingerie designer Cosabella is coming to the rescue. Cosabella's new glow-in-the-dark lingerie is a first for the company, and will make just as much of an impact during the daylight as it will at midnight.

Thanks to its flirty aesthetic, Cosabella has become a staple lingerie brand. And the brand's guiding principle that "a woman’s lingerie should be able to reflect her every mood" is certainly reflected in the brand's daring new collection. Called the "Glow Collection," Cosabella's new undergarments will glow in the dark after "absorbing" florescent light for approximately ten minutes or sunlight for three minutes, thanks to photoluminescent pigments. And as an added bonus, the undergarments' glow won't fade with each use. According to the Cosabella website, "it's meant to glow forever." The collection stays true to Cosabella's sweet, feminine aesthetic, combining vibrant shades of lace with Cosabella's much-loved bras, hotpants and thongs.

Even if your taste in undergarments tends to be more conservative, there is something about the new glow-in-the-dark collection that may appeal to your mischievous side. In addition to providing a fun twist to traditional underwear, the Glow Collection is also a fantastic way to scare the daylights (no pun intended) out of your roommates, save battery life on your flashlight for late night reading sessions, and have your own personal rave without the inconvenience of purchasing glow sticks. So if you're looking for your next not-so-basic lingerie set, try Cosabella's Glow collection to brighten your day — or someone else's.