Exclusive ‘Decoding Annie Parker’ Clip Shows Off Rashida Jones' Amazing '80s Fashion Sense — VIDEO

The upcoming film, Decoding Annie Parker, has a lot going on. It follows the stories of two women: Annie Parker (Samantha Morton), a woman who finds out she has breast cancer, and Mary-Claire King (Helen Hunt), a doctor researching a genetic link in cases of breast cancer. According the film's IMDb description, "Love, science, sex, infidelity, disease and comedy, the wild, mostly true story of the irrepressible Annie Parker and the almost discovery of a cure for cancer." The trailer for the film gave us a good look at all of this, but it was missing one thing: Rashida Jones. Jones stars as Parker's friend but she was not featured in the trailer and we were all, "What's up with that?" But now, in an exclusive new clip from Decoding Annie Parker, we get to see Jones in action.

In the clip, Annie arrives for a visit with her doctor, but ends up talking to Kim(Jones), a receptionist at the office. Annie finds out that Kim, who wears a lot of makeup and, apparently, a fishnet shirt under her scrubs, used to be a nurse. Kim ends up calling Annie a "pain in the ass," but in a way that says, "This is the beginning of an honest friendship" instead of, "No, really, you're a pain in the ass. Go away."

In addition to Morton, Hunt, and Jones, Decoding Annie Parker features Aaron Paul as Annie's husband who has a thing for long hair, guyliner, and dancing in mirrors, as well as Ben McKenzie, Alice Eve, and Maggie Grace.

Decoding Annie Parker will hit theaters on May 2.