In Honor Of Channing Tatum's Birthday, Here's a Timeline Of His Hollywood Takeover

At this point Channing Tatum's been in the Hollywood game for a long time. In the grand scope of things, he's still a pretty well-liked guy, too: whether he's tackling the heavy emotions of a drama, the raunchy goofiness of a comedy, or the badass acrobatics of an action flick, fans are always on his side.

This tends to be because of a couple of different things: he's got a good sense of humor and, most importantly, a lot of people find him super hot. And, seeing as today is Channing Tatum's 34th birthday, what better time is there to take a walk through the path Tatum took to become one of Hollywood's favorite hunky goofballs?

As is now part of the Hollywood lore surrounding Tatum, he left his job as a roofer to work as a stripper — a story that was later fictionalized in 2012's Steven Soderberg-directed Magic Mike. He had to work for a long while between the stripping and the stripping adaptation, though, and that took the form of modeling jobs with clients like Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as Dolce & Gabbana and American Eagle Outfitters.

He was also in the Ricky Martin music video for "She Bangs"

RickyMartinVEVO on YouTube

But he really started making a mark with 2006's A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and, of course, as Amanda Bynes' romantic lead in the 2006 comedy She's the Man.

Which he followed up with 2006's Step Up, solidifying his persona as a romantic lead with some serious dance moves:

Then he made a couple action movies, like 2009's G.I. Joe. He also set himself up in some sentimental romance dramas like 2010's Dear John and, later, 2012's The Vow.

And he got some more comedy cred by partnering up with Jonah Hill in 2012's 21 Jump Street.

These are all of course but small slices of what will hopefully be a long and fulfilling career. But sometimes it' since to remember some of the bigger moments in the life of a man America loves to love.

Happy birthday, Channing Tatum! Here's to many more.

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