Frozen's 'Let It Go' Meets A Former 'Doctor Who' Companion In "The Ballad Of Arthur Darvill"

There are some roles you just don't ever get to walk away from. Generally a big role in an iconic sci-fi series falls into that category. Basically, Arthur Darvill is destined to be recognized for playing Rory in Doctor Who far past that which his sensibilities have prepared him for. And you can listen to his plight in a delightful mashup of "Let It Go," Doctor Who , and the ego of a former companion.

Arthur Darvill was on Doctor Who for two years from Season 5 to Season 7 playing bumbling nurse/romantic hero/Doctor's companion Rory Williams. Since his and Karen Gillan's departure from the show in 2012 he's been on BBC's Broadchurch (with fellow Doctor Who alum David Tennant), as well as on Broadway and London's West End with the musical Once.

In "The Ballad Of Arthur Darvill," Darvill puts those musical skills to good use by declaring himself emancipated from the series that's still garnering him all sorts of on-the-streets recognition. It's from the same guys who brought you Hugh Jackman singing as Wolverine and Sophie Turner singing in a Game Of Thrones rap, so c'mon, you know it's worth your time.

And sure, we might always care about Rory Williams the most out of Darvill's roles. But at least we know now to drop some of his other IMDb creds into the conversation.

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Image: BBC 1