'Daily Show's Royal Baby Coverage Points Out Kate and William's Baby... Is a Baby

During Tuesday's royal baby reveal, we didn't just learn that Kate Middleton has the blow-out of our dreams, but, as Daily Show's John Oliver noted, that the royal baby boy looks just like... a baby.

Said Oliver, "Honestly, if I wanted to see a picture of someone else's baby that I don't care about, that is what Facebook is for."

Predictably, with Daily Show's interim host being British, the series featured blow-out coverage of the baby's birth, with a whopping four reporters covering postpartum media depression, British stereotypes, and a selection of items on the royal baby's registry. (Oh, the Place You'll Rule, a corgi saddle, and the entire country of Ireland are some of your options.)

Seems Daily Show is still going strong in spite of Jon Stewart's absence. Blimey.

Image: Comedy Central