Watch 11-Year-Old Aaliyah Rose Slay "Let It Go" at the Radio Disney Music Awards—VIDEO

To pick out the number one highlight of the Radio Disney Music Awards is a difficult task, but I do know which moments would be my top three. Ariana Grande debuting "Problem"? For sure. The adorable little girl who not only showcased her stellar car dance moves, but introduced Zendaya's performance? Yep. And the other? 11-year-old Aaliyah Rose CRUSHING "Let It Go" for the gigantic audience. Oh my goodness. I might've cried. (Just kidding. I did not cry. I sobbed.)

How did Aaliyah come to perform the uber-popular Frozen song at the RDMAs? Quick background:

On April 19, Aaliyah performed the National Anthem at a BYU baseball game. But that wasn't the only thing that happened on that fine day. After the applause died down, someone over the PA system announced she'd been chosen to sing at the RDMAs. AHHHHHHHH! Aaliyah is a YouTube star, and her "Let It Go/Let Her Go" mashup video nabbed Radio Disney's attention.

Not only does she have popular YouTube vids, but the talented young lady also has an EP. Whoa. There is plenty of proof that she can SANG. The people at Radio Disney knew Aaliyah was a force to be reckoned with. The people at Radio Disney knew Aaliyah could close out the show.

The night of the RDMAs, Aaliyah was in it to win it. She walked with confidence. Her dress and accessories were amazing. She couldn't stop smiling as she headed on over to the stage. It was the smile of someone who knew they were about to slay it.


At the very end of the performance, Aaliyah smiles and punches the air. She holds this pose. It's a victory pose. The first time I watched this, I also punched the air victoriously. And yes, tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought, Brava, Aaliyah. Brava.