Demi Lovato’s Fans are Planning Her Tour, So She’ll Be Visiting A Lot Of Lovatics’ Homes This Summer— VIDEO

Ever wished your favorite artist would come to your town only to find out their nearest tour stop would be three hours away? This is a pretty common issue because big acts tend to take their tours only to major cities, but if you're a Demi Lovato fan in Europe, a nice change could be on the horizon. Demi Lovato has teamed up with Shazam to give fans the opportunity to plan her tour. This means that if you are in, for example, a small English city that happens to have a large number of Demi Lovato fans, she could end up making a stop there as part of her Neon Lights tour. If you Shazam her song, that is.

Beginning on April 28 and going on for the three weeks that follow, when Lovato fans in Europe Shazam her single "Neon Lights," their locations will be tallied and the cities with the most Shazam tags will determine how the tour is booked. The tour dates will be released at the end of May. According to Shazam, "Though not all markets will make the tour, Demi and team will be using the information to help shape the routing of her 2014 European tour."

Based on this method, it sounds like the big cities will still end up with the majority of the tour dates simply because they have bigger populations and therefore more Lovatics. Although, that still leaves a lot of large cities to battle it out and depending on the number of tour dates she has, she might not be able to visit them all. So really, from what I can tell, this is more of a battle of big cities versus other big cities. Will Demi Lovato visit Barcelona or Madrid? Time will tell! But if you live in a small Spanish town that happens to be closer to Madrid than Barcelona, you might wanna start Shazaming "Neon Lights."

Shazam's Head of Music Peter Szabo released a statement about the first-of-its-kind partnership which reads,

This is a fantastic way for Shazam to help Demi Lovato fans across Europe easily cast their vote to have her play in a city near them. Shazam makes it easy for music fans to extend their relationship with their favorite artists, whether it’s seeing the lyrics, buying the tracks they love or, now, casting their vote to see them in concert.

Lovato revealed the collaboration via a YouTube video which explains how the contest works. Conveniently the video itself features the song "Neon Lights." I'd say that means it's fair game for Shazaming, so go ahead and get your first tag in.

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