Bravo's 'Untying the Knot' Will Remedy Your Excessive Wedding Show Hangover

Do you have wedding show fatigue? OF COURSE you do. So now, here is your antidote to all of the bridezillas who have inhabited your DVRs for the past decade or so. Bravo is bringing you Untying The Knot , which is a reality show about divorce. Enjoy the opportunity to indulge your inner sadistic fan of schadenfreude as you watch people crumble in one of the most painful moments of their lives as they choose to do it in the most private way of all — in front of a camera!

Just consider it a new faction of the wedding show genre. We have so. Freaking. Many. Wedding reality shows. We have Bridezillas, Say Yes To The Dress, spinoffs of Say Yes To The Dress like that misfire in Atlanta and that godawful bridesmaids version, I Found The Gown, My Fair Wedding With David Tutera, A Wedding Story, Rich Bride Poor Pride, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Engaged And Underage (thankfully that was short lived), Amazing Wedding Cakes (you can only look at cakes for so long), My Big Redneck Wedding, Four Weddings, Something Borrowed Something New..and that doesn't even consider all of the celebrity nuptials that receive televised time.

And, of course, it takes a real special kind of lady to want her bridal pitfalls — dress buying freakouts included — on TV. So it takes an even more special lady — or perhaps, a failed Bridezilla — to want to have people watch her as she cries to a camera about the prenup she "forgot" to sign.

On June 3, at 10 PM, you'll be able to watch mediator Vikki Ziegler as she helps splitting couples divide up their assets (because going to court is a different kind of story). Each 30 minute episode will feature couples deciding who gets the jewelry, the house, the car, the dignity for it on television. Consider Untying The Knot not just a baffling idea for a television show — divorces are private, personal, gut-wrenching experiences — but consider this also a cool glass of water to help you swallow the horse tranquilizer-sized pills that have been ALL OF THOSE WEDDING SHOWS.