This Is Social Media Justice At Its Finest

And for today’s dose of social media justice, let’s all applaud Facebook for helping a couple of newlyweds identify the couple who crashed their wedding, shall we? Funny how going viral for a move of supreme jerkiness will inspire the sincerest of apologies from the offending parties! Here’s how it went down:

Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly tied the knot back in January at Pennsylvania’s Valley Forge Hotel and Casino. Midway through the reception, they spotted a couple of people they definitely didn’t know hanging out at a table that had been reserved for extended family members. The hotel’s wedding coordinator escorted the two wedding crashers out without incident, and it seemed like that was that…

…Until Lamlin and Reilly got the photos and videos back from the event, where the wedding crashers showed up all over the place, so every time the happily wedded couple wants to go back and relive the memories from their big day… they’ll constantly be looking at a couple of strangers. Yikes.

Lamlin ended up posting one of the photos of the wedding crashers on their local ABC Action News channel’s Facebook page in the hopes that someone could help them identify the folks who invaded their party — and lo and behold, the couple actually stepped forward to apologize to the bride. According to Action News, the crashers, who were guests at the resort and casino that night, were bored and “looking for something to do.” I’m not really sure in what world “looking for something to do” translates to “hey, I know! Let’s go crash one of the biggest life events these strangers will ever have!”, but hey, I guess at least they said they were sorry. Lamlin, for her part, accepted their apology, which means she is probably a much more gracious person than I am.

A word of advice: If you’re thinking about crashing someone’s wedding, don’t do it. Beyond just, y’know, common courtesy and respect, it also comes down to money, which makes it even ickier. Commenter Kiki wrote on Jezebel, “A lot of comments I’ve seen… seem to be telling the woman to lighten up and that it wasn’t a big deal — but when you pay for food and drinks and some people who weren’t even invited come in and have that food and those drinks, you’re paying for them.” Weddings are astronomically expensive as it is; I know I wouldn’t be terribly happy about paying the food and booze bill for a couple of freeloaders on top of shelling out for the event as it is. Add to that the fact that they’re in all of Lamlin and Reilly’s pictures? So incredibly not cool. Seriously.

Although as The Gloss pointed out, as least they didn’t crash a funeral. That would have been a million times worse.

Image: 6abc Action News/Facebook