What Does Rosie O'Donnell's Return to 'The Fosters' Mean for the Show?

I am all about this piece of Fosters news: Rosie O’Donnell will return to the ABC Family drama. YES! According to The Hollywood Reporter, O’Donnell will be reprising her role as Rita Hendricks on The Fosters. Rosie, er, Rita runs the group home where Callie (Maia Mitchell) stays during Season 1. I don't know about you, but I most definitely cheered every single time Rita was on screen. She is tough when the occasion calls for it, kind when the occasion calls for it, and wise when the occasion calls for it (i.e., always). Jude will forever be my favorite Fosters character, but Rita is easily in the top five.

Rita fans can look forward to watching both of O'Donnell's episodes in August.

I can't help but wonder what O'Donnell's return means for the show. Is Callie heading back to the group home? Might Callie wind up in another snack attack bind and need Rita's guidance? Or do Callie and Rita stay close throughout Season 2, sans snack attacks? Does Rita help Callie find out who her real dad is? OR! Do Lena, Stef, and Rita end up an amazing trio of besties? Do Lena and Stef have Rita over for dinner?

Or it could be nothing more than Callie and Rita randomly running into each other around town. This would be a strange choice, but hey. Who am I to rule it out?