Mara Hoffman Dishes On Her Havaianas Collab

Mara Hoffman's eponymous line is an industry favorite for a reason. If you're craving styles that evoke the feeling of a luxurious tropical vacation or that favorite beachside getaway, Hoffman's intricately printed, color-saturated designs have you covered. For her latest venture, Mara Hoffman has lent her creative vision to a collaboration with footwear manufacturer Havaianas, called Mara Hoffman Loves Havaianas. The flip flop collection includes four distinct, intricate prints which appeared in Hoffman's Resort 2014 collection, and unites Mara's India-based design influences and Havaianas' Brazilian inspiration. After launching the line at Bloomingdale's on April 24th, the designer took a moment to chat with me about her new venture.

Bustle: What prompted your decision to partner with Havaianas to create this collection?

I have been a fan of Havaianas for a long time and feel that there is such an authentic connection between our brands. We both really embrace beach culture so it was a natural partnership.

Bustle: Do you find that Havaianas has a similar consumer profile to your own line?

Definitely! I think there is a lot of crossover in our consumers. Both girls are definitely fans of color and comfort.

Bustle: Your Spring 2014 Collection was absolutely beautiful; the tribal prints and vibrant colors were especially striking. What inspired you in creating this collection?

The Spring 2014 collection was inspired by the rainbow and embracing that explosion of colors. We always celebrate color but this was on a whole other level.

Bustle: Both your own brand and Havaianas have a tropical aesthetic. Any favorite beach getaways?

For an easy getaway I love Miami. For something a little more exotic Tulum and India both have amazing beaches!

Bustle: Can you tell me a bit more about the use of Ostrich egg shell patterns in your early work?

Ostrich eggshells are a symbol of fertility and prosperity so I used to hand-sew them onto clothes as blessings. Some African cultures string strands of them together and wear them around their necks. I would take those strands and deconstruct them. Some would still have mud on them and were so rich and sincere.

Bustle: How has living in New York and London influenced your brand's aesthetic?

Both cities have forced me to look outside of the city in certain ways. They inspired me to travel more and pull inspiration from outside of my immediate space.