What Will Comedy Central Replace 'The Colbert Report' With When Stephen Is Gone? We Have Some Ideas

Comedy Central has a bit of a dilemma on their hands. With the announcement that Stephen Colbert will be taking over for David Letterman at the The Late Show, the basic cable network needs to figure out how to cover the empty half-hour Colbert leaves behind once his show ends. Colbert has already started saying his goodbyes, but the network doesn't have to panic to find his replacement just yet since Colbert won't be leaving Comedy Central until later this year.

Unfortunately for Comedy Central, John Oliver left The Daily Show a few months ago and has already started his HBO show Last Week Tonight so it doesn't seem likely that he'll be coming back to basic cable to take over for Colbert.

So what does Comedy Central do now? It's possible they could replace Colbert with another host for another politically driven comedy talk show series like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report and there are plenty of great options for hosts. But to be honest, this should be seen as an opportunity. The basic cable network is literally at the-sky-is-the-limit territory and can replace Colbert's show with anything they want. Here are just a few of many directions they could go to fill the void left by a very funny man:

1. Replace Stephen With Craig Ferguson

If Craig Ferguson decides not to go into carpentry, then it's very possible he could be seduced by Comedy Central to take over Colbert's soon-to-be vacated spot and host a different kind of comedy talk show that's just as weird as we've come to expect from Ferguson. As long as he gets to keep Geoff, that is. If CBS doesn't let Ferguson keep his gay robot, this promising (wishful) deal will be dead in the water.

2. Give Chelsea Handler The Mic

As part of the drove of comedians leaving their shows for new ventures, Handler also announced she would be leaving her show Chelsea Lately on the E! Network. If Handler's possible Netflix deal doesn't pan out, maybe a different kind of comedy show on a different basic cable network will be more attractive to the funny lady. Following The Daily Show would certainly provide a bump in audience and getting to see her and Jon Stewart in occasional joint skits would be a real treat to us all. Though it might be best to see Handler on Netflix where she won't be susceptible to FCC fines and censoring, now that we think about it.

3. Replace Him With a Fresh Face

Comedy Central does help make people like Amy Schumer more famous and mainstream thanks to programming like Inside Amy Schumer. It could be in the network's best interest to try and introduce another fresh face to the mainstream comedy world. Or they could just hire someone completely random and funny to take over. Maybe someone already in the Comedy Central family? Hint, hint.

4. Make The Daily Show A Full Hour

Why not? The Daily Show is still very successful and still gets love from the critics. Plus, this would be a much simpler solution and possibly even cheaper. The only question is whether or not Stewart and his staff will want to put in the extra effort every day.

5. Create Something Completely Different

Why not just fill the void with a different kind of news-comedy or scripted show? Shows like Inside Amy Shumer, Broad City and Workaholics are loved by millions of people. Comedy Central should continue to search for young comedians and new potentially hilarious projects on the horizon. Seriously, have you guys seen Broad City yet? Follow your own advice, Comedy Central.

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