8 Stages Of Dealing With FOX's 'Almost Human' Cancellation On Twitter

And another one bites the dust. Sci-fi and J.J. Abrams fans that were treated to the official Star Wars: Episode VII cast announcement on Tuesday learned that with epic news comes epically bad news. On Tuesday night FOX cancelled Almost Human , it's Michael Ealy-starring, sci-fi, cop drama, and fans are pissed. The new series got axed from the network after only one season, leaving legions of fans to express their anger and disbelief on Twitter. And throw lots of shade at fellow FOX series, The Following.

Set in the year 2048, Almost Human followed the story of Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) as he learns to work with his new partner, who just so happens to be an android, Dorian (Michael Ealy). After surviving a brutal attack on the police force that left him with an sophisticated, prosthetic leg, Kennex returns to the police department to find out that he must pair up with a robot. He agrees, even though he's opposed to the robo-cops, and when it doesn't work out with his first new partner, he ends up with Dorian — an older model of android that was deemed flawed because of its tendency towards emotional responses.

Almost Human's first season maintained solid ratings but was hardly a breakout new series from FOX's 2013-14 season. However, it's unique take on tech, sci-fi, and humanity was a breathe of fresh air to the police drama genre. And clearly drew in a huge number of fans that are invested in its future on another network. Those fans took to Twitter on Wednesday to save Almost Human, going so far as to say they won't be watching FOX anymore after this transgression. Here's what the stages of Almost Human's cancellation looks like on Twitter:

Stage 1: Anger

Stage 2: FOX H8

Stage 3: The Following H8

Stage 4: Stating of Facts

Stage 5: Cancel FOX

Stage 6: Make Jokes

Stage 7: Get Proactive

Sign that petition, people!

Stage 8: Thank the Director

Joel Wyman loves you all.

Image: FOX