Pro-Life Group Slips Fetus Dolls in Kids' Candy

After a federal judge ruled Monday that North Dakota's ban on abortions after six weeks is "clearly unconstitutional," one local chapter of the North Dakota Right to Life group has reacted sneaking rubber fetus dolls into the free candy bags handed out to children at the State Fair. Like you do.

The group publicized their planned march at the event on their Facebook page, telling members in a post, "Bring your kids! The more the better!!"

The same kinds of groups who are insisting that North Dakota children aren't mature enough to receive sex education, it seems, believe they're just the right age to carry around squishy fetus dolls. Jezebel spoke with several mothers who, regardless of their personal positions on abortion, agreed that sneaking fetus dolls to unsuspecting five and six-year-olds was an inappropriate tactic. Fair organizers declined to comment.

The dolls handed out were Heritage House's "The Precious One" fetal models, meant to "move hearts and change minds," according to the item description. After all. buying in bulk saves shoppers money when they distribute these creepy products to unsuspecting women who visit medical clinics seeking abortion advice.

In addition to their extensive range of fetal models, Heritage House also offers abstinence rings, fetus feet necklaces, and even womb ornaments for your Christmas tree. Looks like we found our stocking stuffers early.

Image: Heritage House