'Sharknado' Is Going To Be A Trilogy: 7 Reasons Why It's the New 'Hobbit'

Good news, shark lovers and fans of B-movie schlock! Last summer's unlikeliest cult hit, Sharknado, will not only be returning for a sequel in July, but for a third Sharknado movie as well, which will make Sharknado a bonafide trilogy! What could possibly happen in the next two movies to top the chainsaw-wielding, shark-mauling, Tara Reid-starring madness of the first film? There's not much, unless they're planning on tossing rabid monkeys and tsunamis in there as well. (Actually, "Monkeynami" is kind of a good idea. Take note, Asylum.)

No matter what actually takes place in Sharknados 2 and 3, what's important here is that like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (no matter what any of those impostor prequels might say) before it, Sharknado is joining the hallowed ranks of the be-threequeled.

Actually, come to think of it, Sharknado is a lot like The Hobbit- it didn't need to be three movies, but the fans asketh and the studio giveth (and then the fans giveth the studio more money... eth), so here we are. Sure, one was a multimillion dollar international box office success, and the other cost about $250,000 and was released primarily as a TV movie, and sure, one had an A-list cast and the other had the aforementioned Tara Reid... but Sharknado and The Hobbit may have more in common than you think.

Here's the proof:

Both Have Cool CGI Monsters

Dragon, shark, same difference, right?


Both Have Dedicated Cult Followings

Stephen Colbert is the world's biggest Tolkein fan; Olivia Wilde is among the celebs who love Syfy's summer hit.


Three Films Probably Weren't Necessary For Either

Could they have told all of the story they needed to tell in one movie? Yes. Could they have told all of the story they needed to tell in two movies? Hell yes.


Both Franchises Have Had Midnight Releases

...one did considerably better than the other. I'll let you guess which one.


Even their Fans Aren't Crazy About Them

Sharknado's fans only love it ironically.


Both Have Characters With Dumb Names

"Nova Clarke" is just as dumb of a name as "Fili and Kili". Maybe dumber, because it's supposed to be the name of a human.


Neither Is Very Good

Just being honest.


Images: SYFY; giphy.com