Royal Baby George Alexander Louis Better Go By One of These Nicknames

There was a period, not so far back, when we really thought North West was the worst baby name ever. Remember that? We were so naive back then, so young and inexperienced in the ways of the baby-naming world. But now, we have a little baby prince named George Alexander Louis, and although kings have been named George many times in the past, the name is sort of outdated, and it's also hilarious, so clearly he is going to need a whole list of nicknames. And we have some ideas.

Because for some reason calling him George is so unbelievably hilarious that I can't stand it. George Alexander Louis sounds like a 50-year-old aristocrat with a drinking problem, not a baby (although he might well turn out to be both in the long run).

I wish they'd gone totally wild, bucked tradition and named their kid something like Dave. Imagine Prince Dave of England. Or taken it down a more interesting route and named him something like Deshawn, Prince Deshawn, Duke of Cambridge. But given that they haven't, here are some thoughts on what we can call him.

1) GAL About Town (his initials are G.A.L.)

2) Prince GALlant

3) Georgey Porgey

4) Georgey from the block

5) Curious George

6) Big G

7) Prince G-Love and the Special Sauce

Personally I like Big G, because G is for Gangster. But also because most things are better than his actual name. Imagine how different you'd feel about Kate and Wills if they swanned out and called their baby Carl or Dante or pretty much anything other than George. It would've been sweet. But in the meantime, we'll be utilizing all of the above, until the royal Family themselves come up with some lame-ass pet name that we'll all eventually use, because they can do whatever they want.