One Direction Forced To Leave Hotel After Selfish Fans Won’t Stop Screaming

Directioners really don't know what's good for them and I'm not just talking about obsessing over people they don't know instead of doing homework. Reportedly, One Direction was forced out of their hotel in Peru after fans kept them up during the night with their screaming. Don't these fans know that 1D needs their sleep? I'm sure most of them went to their concert. Would they want to see a groggy Niall Horan forcing himself to sway to the music or a jittery Harry Styles forgetting the words to "Beautiful?" (It's the only One Direction song I can reference, sue me.) (Oh wait! "Story of My Life!" Bam! Take that suckas!) Or would they want the guys to be wide awake and able to put on a great show? Yeah... they don't care. They just want to see them as much as possible and if that means screaming outside of their hotel for hours on end than that's how it's gotta be.

One Direction is currently on the South American leg of their Where We Are Tour. According to Mail Online, "Around 250 fans had filled the tiny square outside the hotel... and over 25 police officers attempted to disperse them, but eventually decided it would be best for the 'Little Things' hitmakers to relocate." These fans are so intense the police had to give up. After the band returned from a trip to Machu Picchu, they were told they'd be leaving the hotel. The next day, One Direction headed out on a private jet for their stop in Chile where the same thing is likely to happen all over again.

A source told The Sun of the passionate fans, "There were hundreds of screaming girls outside the hotel. Police were struggling to keep them back and keep them off the road... The fans with their posters nearly filled the entire square."

One Direction fans are literally out of control. They cannot be stopped by anyone. They are ready to take down anyone (especially Kendall Jenner) to get what the want and the scariest part of all is that they don't even want music, they just want to be as close as possible to the boys. And do they even have an idea of what will happen if they reach their goal? A marriage proposal? The band's word that they are the best Directioner? A selfie? Yeah, a selfie would probably suffice. Look at what Directioners will go through for the potential of a photo of Stylsie! Let's just hope they don't team up and put their passion towards anything too crazy like, I don't know, world domination.

Image: MTV