Little Boy Singing Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" Will Melt Your Heart — VIDEO

Kids say the darnedest things, but they sometimes sing them too. Such is the case in what has to be one of the cutest kiddy Vines ever that features a little boy strapped in a car seat wailing at the top of his lungs — only it isn't the sort of ear-piercing scream that makes you want to stop the car and pull out a few strands of your hair. It's actually the kind of wail that lets you know your kid a) may have a future as a singer and b) has officially joined the growing group of toddlers who know the words to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love." The little guy sings with all his heart (and lung capacity), and by the end of the clip you'll be convinced that he knows a thing or two about passionate, unbridled love, despite the fact that he probably still drinks out of a sippy cup. Everyone seems to love this song, so it's no wonder kids like rapper The Game's daughter Cali and even Bey's little one Blue Ivy are moved to put their own spin on it.

Some might question whether a kid his age should be singing a song with such racy lyrics, but we'll leave the serious debate for them. Right now, what we really want to know is whether car seat kid's heartfelt rendition of "Drunk in Love" will take the title of best baby video from the little girl who got everything she needed in life from hearing a Kid Cudi song.

Check out both videos below:

To prove that he's absolutely about this show business life, he's already recorded a message for his fans...

Baby who loves Kid Cudi