George H.W. Bush is Nicer Than You Think

If it seems like you've been seeing a lot more of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush lately, it's not just you — the ex-presidents have shown up in the news several times over the last few weeks, visiting war memorials with Obama, hanging out with Michelle, and celebrating volunteer service at the White House. As expected, the media have wasted no time lavishing praises/spitting criticisms on the Bushes every time their names appeared in print. Today, though, the elder Bush, 89, appeared in the press for a reason no one can complain about - he shaved his head in support of a 2-year-old leukemia patient, 60 years after losing his own child to the disease.

According to the President's spokesman, Jim McGrath, the toddler, Patrick, is the son of a member of Bush's security detail. Many of the Secret Service members also shaved their heads in support. Jim McGrath, Bush's spokesman, released this adorable photo of the President and Patrick:

Leukemia is a cause close to Bush's heart — he and the First Lady lost their 4-year-old daughter to cancer in 1953.

The Secret Service team has launched a website, Patrick's Pals, which contains details of an upcoming fundraiser as well as a donation option to assist with the family's medical bills. Way to go, 41.