'Parenthood' Fans Should Be Worried About Ray Romano's New Pilot

At this point in the season, most TV shows that are coming back next fall have already been officially renewed, and so for those that haven't, the odds aren't in their favor. That's why we're so worried about Parenthood, a show that, despite NBC's faith in its survival, has yet to receive its season six go-ahead. Last month's finale had us hopeful it would return — would Parenthood really end without us knowing if Amber's pregnant or not? — but now that Ray Romano has signed on to star in a new HBO show, we're starting to get scared. If Hank's moving on, does that mean Parenthood's over for good?

As a die-hard Braverman fan, I certainly hope not. April's season finale was Parenthood's first in awhile not to tie up every loose end, leaving just enough cliffhangers (is Amber pregnant? Are Julia and Joel back together?) to make fans clamor for a season seven. The show's ratings have never been particularly good, but by the last few episodes this year, they'd been climbing at a steady pace. Along with Parks & Rec and Community, Parenthood has one of NBC's most devoted, if small, fanbases. We'll be crushed if we don't get at least another year with the Braverman clan, if only to say goodbye in a proper manner and with several months of preparation.

Still, we have to admit that we're a little bit excited for Romano's new series. We'd hate to lose Hank (and the rest of the Parenthood gang), but starring in a HBO drama produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger isn't exactly an opportunity an actor can pass up. In the series, Romano will play Zak Yankovich, a record label promotion head and right hand man of Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), an executive searching for the next big hit. The '70-set series, currently untitled, also stars Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple. So yeah, not the worst project in the world Romano could take on if his his current series gets cancelled.

And, of course, Romano's new role doesn't mean he can't continue with Parenthood, if the show does get a sixth season. Even if he's not available for the entire year, Hank could appear on a few episodes throughout in order to wrap up his storyline. Still, Romano's casting news doesn't bode well for our beloved NBC series. We'll have to wait until the network makes their official decision, hopefully soon, to see if he's the only Parenthood actor fleeing the nest before we're ready to say goodbye.